Teaching and coaching

Are you involved in imparting the skills of innovation, customer experience or service design -  either as part of an educational organisation, or within a commercial environment? Our toolset is singularly approachable, fast, and effective - so let us teach your learners how we work, showing them our tools and techniques. We work in companies, with universities, and with schools of design, management and business.

(We can also help you develop your educational programme. See here for details.)

Selected teaching packages:

_Introduction to Service Innovation and Service Design
_Theatrical tools in Service Innovation and Service Design
_Service Prototyping 101
_Facilitating innovation jams locally and globally
_Facilitating investigative rehearsals for customer experience or leadership teams

I really enjoyed your workshop - I was jazzed for about 4 hours afterwards and couldn't stop talking about it. Putting the exercises into practice today was a really exciting experience.

Clients include

_AHO Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway
_London Business School, GB
_School of Business and Economics, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
_Management Center Innsbruck, Austria
_University of Savonia, Finland
_Hyper Island

Possible formats

_1 day teaching workshops
_2-4 day project based teaching (working on own projects)