Bild: Beat Schweizer

Bild: Beat Schweizer

Developing training and education

Growth is the key activity of most organisations, and that means education, training, and the exchange of ideas at conferences or other events.  Yet the old formats are usually expensive, ineffective and - to be honest - deadly boring.

With our specialisation in designing learning forms which does not feel like a classroom, we have been able to deliver some remarkably successful educational services.

Selected projects:

_With Swisscom, we helped develop a new experience-based education approach which works entirely through learning by doing, and on using the participants’ own experience to guarantee relevance.

_For Telekom Shop, we have created new formats which let learners find out where they need to grow, discover their own options, then test and practice their ideas straight away.

_In conference and unconference events like the JamJam, we have discovered ways to share, learn and work together which engage and motivate teams like never before, as well as being meaningful, relevant and massively productive.

_We are also working with Fab Lab innovation spaces to deliver formats which combine service elements with products and complex technology, enabling participants to explore the organisation’s values and processes by building virtual and physical objects, not just by reading bullet points.

Clients include

_Swisscom AG
_Telekom Shop
_University of Lapland
_Fab Lab Region Nürnberg

Possible formats

_2 day concept development workshops
_Prototyping sessions
_Piloting and review