WorkPlayExperience was happy to be part of an exciting new conference this year: Service Design in Tourism 2012 in Innsbruck ( The conference was hosted by WorkPlayExperience Associate Marc Stickdorn and his amazing colleagues at the MCI Innsbruck.  

Apart from an adapted Theatrical Tools workshop tailored to the tourism theme, we were running an after conference jam on innovative new directions in tourism. The jam was following up on the 25 theses an group of experts from tourism and other fields had created at the Impuls4Travel workshop (

The challenge was to create initial service ideas based on these theses. It was a great experience. The input from the Impulse4Travel workshop proved to be an excellent starting point for jam-like formats. Mixing talented people in the room  with great input is an explosive and amazingly efficient mixture for innovation jams.

This got us thinking... Stay tuned for some new and exciting jam formats!


AuthorMarkus Hormeß