Keynotes and conferences


We are regular speakers at conferences, kick-offs, sales events or even glittering evening galas. Our lively, approachable style makes sure that the message gets attention, and our use of stories, memorable facts and close-to-home examples makes sure that the content sticks. Ask us about our expert themes, including customer focus, customer experience, emotional selling, service design, service innovation, innovation culture and more.

Selected Conferences & open events

_SBB CFF FFS Annual Management Conference, Montreux 2014
_Service Experience Camp, Berlin 2013
_Play4Agile 2012, 2013
_Service Design Network Conferences Berlin 2010, San Francisco 2011, Cologne 2012, Paris 2012
_ServDes Service Design Conference, Espoo 2012
_Service Design in Tourism, Innsbruck 2012, Sarasota 2013
_Customer Experience Forum, Switzerland, 2012
_Informatik 2011 – Communities for Innovation
_Method Park Technologie Forum 2011
_AIN Network Conferences Amsterdam 2010, Baltimore 2011





Clients include

_Telekom Shop Vertriebsgesellschaft
_Swisscom AG
_AXA Winterthur
_Eclat AG

Possible formats

_keynotes (30-60 min)
_interactive presentations (1-2h)
_interactive mini workshops (2-4h)