Empowering better experience

Rehearsal, as used in theater, is not about practicing something until it is always the same. Quite the opposite - it is about understanding what is going on, discovering options, and finding the ones which work for me. After a rehearsal, I understand my actions better, and already know what the alternatives feel like.

Aside from service development projects, we use investigative rehearsal methods in training courses which help people deliver a better experience - to their customers, their colleagues, and their staff.

In customer experience situations, frontline staff have a huge responsibility for the perception of the organisation.  But they are often relatively inexperienced, older and set in their ways, or feel entangled by the processes and systems they need to use. Or perhaps more senior frontline experts might struggle to find the right language to make themselves understood by their clients.  Investigative Rehearsal gives these valuable staff a platform to understand how they are seen and understood by customers, explores their everyday frontline interactions, and heps them develop their own “voice” within the organisation’s processes and values. 

Leaders, on the other hand, are subject to demands and tensions that their staff can find it hard to understand, and the opportunity for miscommunication is great.  Yet the experience of being managed and led is critical for the motivation of staff in an organisation - and for their engagement and success. Investigative Rehearsal lets leaders discover how their leadership is experienced by those around them, exploring those difficult situations where everyday challenges make it seem hard to embody the organisation’s values. 

Clients include

_Telekom Shop Vertriebsgesellschaft
_Basler Versicherungen

Possible formats:

_1 day intensive customer experience training (frontline)
_1 day intensive WOW! leadership training
_2 day WOW! leadership training w/ individual reflection and  consultations
_3-5 day train the trainer investigative rehearsal methods
_workshop series for process implementation