Few industries can match theater’s ability to reliably produce innovation on time and in budget. At the same time, the the theatrically-inspired methods and language we use are remarkably easy to understand and adopt. This accessibility makes them more inclusive, so people from all levels of the organisation - and even customers - can easily contribute to developing better services. And the tools focus naturally on the needs of the human beings involved, whether customer, staff or management.

With Marc Stickdorn, we have worked to integrate many common service design tools with business modelling tools. We have made it fast and simple to switch between experience and business levels, seeing if our work makes business sense, and giving us the numbers we need to realise our ideas. Other innovative tools help make intangible parts of service experiences more concrete. Addressing emotion, subtext and dramatic arcs, they give business designers a powerful lever to tackle everyday problems. 

Out theatrical tools can be used to develop and innovate any service with a human component, whether customer-facing or internal.